Mobile Networks Solutions S.A.L.

  • Gemalto {Gemplus/Axalto} "world leader in digital security", France

Senior Integration Engineer: Deployment, Acceptance and Support for GEMALTO value-added solutions, maintaining custom products(develop patches and enhancements), playing the role of software Integrator: installing, testing and deploying patches or new custom solutions at customers' premises or remotely, on behalf of Gemalto CISMEA Team.
- Used technologies: UNIX Servers administration, Database Admin (Oracle), OTA & Provisioning, VAS products, Telecom infrastructure {SMSC, billing systems, GSM standards (03.40, 03.48 and others), SIM cards, Java-Card...}
- Environment: SUN Solaris, VERITAS Cluster, Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers, VPN (Check-Point & Cisco)