Training and Career Development

Effective Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems

Certificate co-signed by Abdullah Al-Mogbel, Deputy Minister of Transport and C. Patrick Sankey, IRF' President & CEO.

  • Module 1: ITS for Senior Government Officials
  • Module 2: Freeway and Highway ITS
  • Module 3: Arterial ITS
  • Module 4: Public Transport
  • Module 5: Project Management

Project Management Professional

Aligned with PMI’s PMBOK®, this workshop helped to master the entire project management process, to gain the Project Manager in-depth knowledge and skills.

  • Manage projects with confidence
  • Avoid dangerous shortcuts and omissions
  • Monitor risks and correct trouble spots
  • Put together a solid team and effective documentation

Traffic Management and Security System [Part-I]

  • Intelligent Traffic Systems and their Applications
  • Traffic Engineering Concepts and Characteristics
  • NTCIP Protocol
  • Traffic Operations & Management Engineer Skills
  • Adaptive Traffic Signal Control Processes (ITACA)
  • Integrated Platform for Mobility.
  • Subsystems and Event Management

Traffic Engineering Practices for UTC

  • Urban Traffic Engineering Skills
  • Solving junctions and Signal Timing
  • Traffic Controller: Features and programming

Traffic Management and Security System [Part-II]

  • Integrated Platform for Mobility
  • Event and Response plans Management
  • Intelligent Traffic Systems and Traffic Engineering

    • NTCIP Object Definitions and Functionality for ASC
    • Synchronizing Junctions with Traffic Lights
    • Traffic Controller modes. Adaptive working mode

  • Traffic Operations & Management Engineer Skills

    • Traffic Security Management Systems: AVL, LPR, VBID and CCTV
    • Traffic Management Systems: Traffic Controllers, Data Gathering, DMS
    • Service Organization for Operation and Maintenance

Traffic Management and Security System [Part-III]

  • Administration of ITS Subsystems: CCTV, Video Based Incidents Detection, License Plate Recognition, Automatic Vehicle Location, Dynamic Message Signs, Traffic Site Stations and Traffic-Lights Controllers
  • Administration of Urban Traffic Control and Adaptive System
  • Traffic Engineering applied to discontinuous traffic in Jeddah-KSA, and traffic lights junctions coordination
  • Concepts of Operations development based on Events and Response Plans
  • Event and Response Plan Management with BackOffice solution “EcoTrafiX Expert” by Schneider.